Secret War 1930

A Sudden Change of Events

’Dammit, how I hate to write those reports. You would think that such a paranoid institution would not require to have written reports. Better get this fire started and catch a glass of wine and get this over with…Okay, all set. Where do I start.”After I roasted this spider monstrosity” Ha! This will be fun.

I thought Jake would have had better contacts with the police to avoid these kind of situations, not saying that it was MY smartest move. I guess Jerry Stanislawski just didn’t have another choice than bringing us down to the station.

At least Alice got away, with Jake’s Badge, the file and the necklace Jake grabbed from the room and Pearl’s blood tainted gloves. I just hope that her friend John the shoe-shiner will not go through her bag. I’m still not sure if it was the right move to turn herself in afterwards. But then it’s a good test so see how much control she has over her abilities these days, though I doubt that it would have been a help if she had turned. This all might have turned out quite differently… haha…sometimes I just love the expression on people’s faces when they just can’t grasp what just happened.

What I still don’t understand is how this guy, Jake knocked unconscious, died. Was he injected with the poison before we got to him, or while he was being held in the cell on the police station? It must have been a very slow acting poison if he was poisoned beforehand. We were almost held two hours in the cell before they questioned us one by one. I remember that they just finished questioning us when we noticed something was going on back were the single cells are and Jake found out that they just discovered that the guy died. It’s ridiculous to assume we had something to do with it. If we would have planned to kill him we wouldn’t have loudly announced that we were looking for him to the desk clerk. But they charged Jake with murder and the rest of us for Complicity to Murder.
Okay, back to my report now’

Casefile: 148
Location: New York City Jail

  • Nightmares affecting a whole prison
  • Multiple ghost sighting within the prison
  • Items going missing during daytime

After we’ve been imprisoned following the events in case 147, Pearl was put into a cell with Betty, a rather grumpy and sullen person, who clearly wasn’t happy about having to share her cell. Alice and I got to share a cell and Jake shared his cell with Brooks, a lad convicted for murder, but according to him it has been an accident.

Unable to reach the Cabal I was concerned about the circumstances and was hoping for another chance to get to use a phone.

They’ve assigned our case to one of the court-appointed lawyers, Henry Winkler, who clearly wouldn’t make money if it weren’t for the court-appointed cases. We didn’t hear from him for the first couple of days. But we managed to find out that the police was in the believe that the murder case is a gang related matter and we were executing a hit on these guys.

One night after a couple of uneventful days we’ve all been disturbed in our sleep by “Visions” showing us things we most fear from our past. From the sounds from the surrounding cells it appeared that all were affected by these Nightmare or Visions.

When we discussed the events of that night the next morning during breakfast, Jake noticed “Sammy, the Squid”, a (former?) member of the white hand gang on one of the other tables. Jake had put Sammy behind bars a couple of years back. It was clear that Sammy had recognized Jake as well. So we agreed to keep an watchful eye on our surroundings.
When Jake turned back to his breakfast he noticed his fork missing and no matter how hard he tried to investigate this loss he was unable to resolve the case of the missing fork. I can clearly remember that he picked up a fork in the first place as he was trying to be funny, feinting to steal food from Pearls plate.
A few minutes later we witnessed an argument between two inmates, who were sitting a couple of tables over, one blaming the other to have stolen his plate and the other insisting on not having done anything. So it became more and more clear to us, that something Strange was going on in the prison.

‘That was also when they told me about the shiver they felt while we were being held at the police station. Together with the fact that these Spider people were gathering all kinds of artifacts I’m convinced that it this effect was evoked by some kind of ritual. I need to find out more about rituals. And I also need to make sure to include this into the other case report.’

The next event happened during our daily ‘yard exercise’. Alice slipped away at one point, as her distress in broad daylight doesn’t seem to get better. I recommend further studies if this effect can be influenced in any way.
It was when Jake was gone to the bathroom for quite some time already, that I heard noises coming from the sanitary installations. It sounded like someone was fighting in there. As per regulations only one prisoner is aloud in there at a time. I grabbed Pearl and ran over to the closest guard and made here aware of the situation. She called out to the guard in front of the toilette and I’m pretty sure that he rolled his eyes before turning around and breaking up the fight, confirming my suspicion that he was paid off to look the other way.
Jake was unconscious when they brought him out, this was also true for Sammy the Squid and the third guy they brought out looked like he would collapse any moment.

With combined effort we tried to get to Jake but without success. We were told that his condition wasn’t serious. He would be out for a couple of hours but besides a broken nose and a couple of broken rips he was fine and was discharged later the same day, just in time for a visit from Henry.

Henry didn’t have any news in relation to our prosecution. We still weren’t allowed to make any phone calls, so he agreed to try and call Dean. He also promised Alice to check if he could get a hold of Mr. Frakes.

The next night we were all haunted by nightmares again.

‘I really wish I would have any information about the whereabouts of my brother. I just can’t imagine him working willingly with this strange hooded figure I saw. I know he always had the tendency to get himself into trouble and to choose the wrong way out. But then I don’t know what fairy-tale they fed him.’

At this stage I was convinced that whatever was happening in the prison is local to the prison and not related to our previous case.

As it became apparent that we will be spending more time in there than we thought we set our mind to solving whatever is affecting the prison. Pearl and I set out to get the other inmates talking about the recurring nightmares. We came across a rumor that the prison is being haunted by a prison guard that got killed in there once. But that was all we could find out.
Jake talked to Brooks to see if he would know more about the incidents happening in the prison. But he seemed very reluctant to talk about this topic, mentioning that Jake should be careful not to talk about such things, and that people who do talk such crazy talk get moved away.
Jake did manage to learn that the guard that got killed was the sister of the current warden of the prison. She was found burned in the furnace. Following that event a riot broke out in the prison and Brooks cell mate at that time got killed.
When Jake shifted the conversation to the recent attack on him, Brooks lets him know that he doesn’t want to get involved in these kind of territorial conflicts.

A meeting with Henry revealed nothing new about the case. He still hadn’t managed to get a court date or to get the case dismissed. He was unable to reach Dean or anyone on that line for that matter, which got me really concerned at that time.
At least he brought good news for Alice as he had reached Mr. Frakes, who showed up a couple hours later and ensured her that he provided a cover story for her family. Something about an assignment in Europe. He also agreed to have a word with the warden, but he was reluctant to provide Alice with a lawyer, as he felt uncomfortable being involved in criminal activities.

‘Funny how we though of him as an asset when we encountered him when we were running Alice case and the first time he could be of any use he is none. We should have taken a different approach. I need to make sure to raise this when we next discuss our standing with Frakes and how to proceed. Can he really be trusted, when his public appearance does mean that much to him or is it exactly that what will keep him trustworthy? Okay, almost done now, keep going.’

During the night Alice and Jake were haunted by nightmares again. But this time they were different. Jake saw an inmate with his guts cut open in front of his cell and Alice saw a girl in a white dress running down the corridor. When Jake mentioned this later to Brooks he’s surprised and mentioned that his old cell mate Bobby, the one that died during the riot, got his guts cut open.

The next morning in the canteen, our usual spot was occupied by a couple inmates, clearly members of the white hand gang. Not long after we sat down, we were approached by a couple of guards who escorted us across the prison to the warden. Apparently Mr. Frakes kept his promise to Alice to talk to the warden, who was clearly not happy about this encounter and about the fact that he would have to answer a couple of inconvenient questions should Jake end up on the infirmary again.

The rest of the day we spend in the library. Pearl had found a few books about the prison’s history. One was of special interest. It was written by a former inmate. He confirmed the story from Brooks about a guard named Shirley being killed in the prison and the following riot. The boiler is now closed off and the cell wing has been moved since then. The book said that a rumor was going around that the prison guard had an affair with one of the inmates. We also found some entries about ghost sightings after this incident 20 years ago.

Our conclusion at that point was that Shirley and Bobby were haunting the prison. It’s possible that those two had an affair. So in order to put the ghosts to rest we had to find out what’s holding them in our world.
As the closest connections we had to the ghost are the Warden and Brooks we agreed that our changes are much better with Brooks. We knew that Brooks is working in the canteen, so Alice approached him during a quite hour in the canteen. Brooks believes that the warden is responsible for Bobby’s death, as the warden believed Bobby to be responsible for Shirley’s death. But Brooks thinks it unlikely that Bobby killed her. He does believe that Bobby could have had and affair with her though.
Open Action: We need to find out who killed Shirley.

‘Hm, wine glass empty. I should get a refill, this one is really tasty. I think it was a new thing from the Mercer Estate. I can get this report finished tomorrow. It will definitely not run away. Better not say that aloud, you never know around here.’



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