Case File - Cult of Anansi

Case Number # 00903
Case Status Open
Date/Month Assigned Nov 1932
Case Classification S
Case Rate $25 p/h + expenses

Case Synopsis

The Natural History museum was broken into and it Ancient African Tribe exhibit ransacked.

  • Time of incident:
    • Incident occurred around 2-3am; spotted by security guards
  • Exhibit:
    • Exhibit represented 4 gods
      • Nyame the sky god
      • Anasi the spider god
      • Tano the river god
      • Bia the lion god
    • No known items of value within the exhibit
    • No items missing as far as the curator is aware
  • Museum
    • No signs of forced entry into the building
      • Security guards provide each other with an alibi

Ezio’s store was broken into and burnt down.

  • Time of incident:
  • Fire
    • Ignition points looked to have been accelerated by the various oil based liquids located in the store.
  • Store
    • The store deals in mundane artifacts.
    • Remains of broken vases
      • There had once been 3 vases of African origin & they had depicted 3 of their mythological gods; Sky, Water & Spider
      • Unable to determine from the debris if all jars were still present in the store
    • Burnt matchbook from The Bristol hotel was found

Instigation at The Bristol Hotel.

  • Time of incident:
  • Hotel
    • Room 20 – Floor 2; suspects room
    • Caucasian subdued
    • African American escaped via the window
      • Experienced a smoking hot grizzly fall to his death

Persons of Interest

Name Mr. Barry Harkness
Physical Description Medium stature, white hair; balding
Status Claimant
Notes Museum curator

Name Mr. Tom Danvers
Physical Description
Status Claimant
Notes In Germany at the time of the incident visiting family. Grumpy SOAB.

Name Unknown – Possible alias = A. Smith or G. Jones
Physical Description Age approx 26 – African American
Status Suspect
Notes Well dressed – showed enthusiasm in general lore.

Name Unknown – Possible alias = A. Smith or G. Jones
Physical Description Age approx 22 – Caucasian
Status Suspect Deceased; Cause of death – poison of unknown origin
Notes Well dressed – showed enthusiasm in general lore.


Item Description Notes Storage Location
Matchbook Found at Ezio’s store Filed
Spider Pendant Found on Caucasian male Alice’s backpack
File Found in R20-F2. References pot of wisdom/knowledge. Alice’s backpack

NB. John Doherty

Research/Investigation Findings

  • Gods
    • Nyame the Sky god was the god over man, Bia the Lion god is the cousin of Nyame and believes in law, power and tyranny. Tano the river god represents water, shyness and healing. Anansi the spider god was believed to be the trickster. Two of the gods crossing paths; Spider and the Lion.
  • Matchbook
    • Bristol

Case File - Cult of Anansi

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