Case File - Carlos Sandoval

Case Number # 00902
Case Status Re-Opened
Date/Month Assigned Nov 1932
Case Classification S
Case Rate $## donated by claimant

Case Synopsis

Matthew Trog reported attacks by strange ‘men’.

  • Time of incident:
    • Ongoing for several weeks
  • Location
    • Sewer tunnels

Client reported attack & kidnapping of family members.

  • Time of incident:
    • Day
  • Kidnapping
    • Twins taken; 1x male 1x female
    • Lady taken; Maria
    • Ransom note left
      • Family members Sarah & Jacob had left in response to the ransom note
        • Both have not been seen since
        • Sarah & Jacob; married

Persons of Interest

Name Matthew Trog
Physical Description Odorly & often dressed up.
Status Claimant

Name Carlos Sandoval
Physical Description
Status Suspect Deceased
Address Central Park apartment – 4th floor
Notes M.D. Quiet keeps himself to himself. Believer in necromancy.


Item Description Notes Storage Location
Pocket watch Found in the sewers Filed
Grimoire Found in the sewers Filed /w 3rd party
Medical texts Found in the sewers Filed
Talisman Found in the sewers Filed /w 3rd party
Ransom note Left at crime scene Filed /w 3rd party

Research/Investigation Findings

Case File - Carlos Sandoval

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