Jake T. Spencer


AG 8
SM 8
Str 6
Spi 6
Vig 6

Cha 0
Pace 6
Parry 5
Tough 5 Mod 1 Av 6

Fighting 6
Shooting 6
Investigate 8
Streetwise 6
Notice 6
Intimidate 4
Knowledge police 4
Knowledge crime/gangs 4
Knowledge area NYC 4


All thumbs (Min)
Enemy (Min)
Code of honour (Maj)


Served in the Marines in the war. Fought at Belleau wood.
Former policeman. Kicked off the force for police brutality. Beat up a suspect with strong mob connections after it looked like his connections were going to get him aquitted. Suspect was charged with a brutal assault on an immigrant dockworker.

Hired Pearl as a secretary initially but after seeing her intelligence, started to work with her as a partner.
Met Alisha working on a case about a year or two ago, in which he was introduced to the other world, or as he calls it “The Strange”.
Borderline alcoholic.

Jake T. Spencer

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