Daniel Frakes

A wealth business man and philanthropist


Daniel Frakes is the owner of Frakes Industries. A multinational company with significant offices in New York, where he has been based primarily since 1917. He appears to be charming and very caring about his employees. Prior to settling in New York, Frakes travelled to a number of expeditions to exotic places around the globe in search of treasure, adventure and knowledge.

In the Case of the Statuesque Lady, Spencer & Stanhope Investigations discovered that he brough living gargoyles back with him from the jungles of South America after discovering them in an ancient temple in 1915. He was fascinated by the creatures and wanted to study them further and converted part of one of his factories to hold the creatures. It became clear afte further investigation that Frakes trained and conditioned the creatures so that they would not threaten New York at large.

Inspite of these precautions, Alice Jenkins still found her way onto the roof that fateful night and was afflicted with the curse of the gargoyles. Since then Frakes has agreed to use his resources to help Alice in finding out what the curse means for her and help her to find a cure if there is one.

There seems to be more to this man than meets the eye, but what that is has yet to be discovered.

Daniel Frakes

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