Alisha Payton

Human, born 18.05.1911, New York

Agility D6
Smarts D8
Strength D4
Spirit D8
Vigor D4
Charisma 0
Pace 6
Parry 4
Toughness 4
Knowledge (Occult) D8
Knowledge (arcane) D8
Knowledge (magical underground) D6
Spellcasting D8
Notice D6
Fighting D4
Lockpicking D4
Minor Enemy
Vow (Cabal)
Arcane Background
Power Points
Elan (+2 on result when using Bennies)
Item Cost Weight
Lockpicks $200 1
Long Leather Coat $50 15
Power Cost Range Damage/Effect Duration
Fire Armor 2 (1/round) touch +2AR/raised: +4AR 3
Fire Bolt 1-6 12/24/48 2d6/3d6 Instant
Healing 3 touch 1wound/raised: 2wound Instant

Case File – Alisha Payton

Assigned Agent: Dean Francis
Date opened: March 1924
Case report: Young girl with extraordinary abilities working with the White Hand Gang

Tom Payton, Deceased during the war
Heather Payton, Sewer at Triangle Shirtwaist Company died 1919 during fire in the factory
Samuel Payton, Twin brother, missing


Alisha and her twin brother Samuel, both age of 8 years, were given into the care of “Brooklyn Children’s Aid” after the death of their mother. Facing the possibility of separation at the age of 9 they flee the orphanage.

After fleeing the orphanage Alisha and Sam lived on the streets and when winter arrived they struggled to get by. Sam’s new found friends were trying to get him involved in some dubious jobs but Sam continuously declined due to his sister’s influence on him. Finally, when Alisha fell ill and Sam couldn’t afford the necessary treatment, he gave in and asked his friends for help. The exact details of the next years are still unclear but it is certain that Sam continued to get deeper and deeper involved with the White Hand Gang and Alisha stayed at this side.

The Discovery

It was in Summer 1923 when Alisha discovered that she was different. The following text is an extract from the Interview of Alisha after she was taken in.

“My brother was out drinking with friends that night, celebrating a successful “job”. It was getting unusual late and I was getting restless. When taking a stroll to calm down and to look out for Sam to come home I walked into the direction of the Pub Sam and the boys usually went to. When turning around a corner I heard someone yelling out followed by a scream. I quickened my pace, following the noise into a side alley. Turning around the next corner, I saw my brother on the far end of the street on the ground. Three figures were standing around him, blocking any way for him to escape and one sitting on top of him. They were yelling at him, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. What came next happened so fast that it is only very blurry in my memory. The one on top of Sam started striking at him and I started running towards the group. When I reached them one of the figures turned around, grabbed me and hold my tight. Fear and anger was building up in me and I tried to get free, without success. Sam was fighting off the blows aimed at his face. He was trying to get free as well but had no chance. I felt how my body was heating up, my fear and anger became bigger and bigger. Suddenly the guy on top of Sam was holding a gun. In a desperate, final try to get free I lashed out and to my surprise I was free. Someone behind me screamed out in agony, it must have been the one holding me. I moved towards Sam and reached out to the one holding him. Then a blue flame shot from my hands, enveloping Sam’s captor, who threw himself on the ground, rolling around and trying to put out the flames. The two remaining figures turned around and fled. After that I slumped to the ground. That’s the last I remembered.”

Sam and Alisha continued working for the White Hand. Even though Alisha tried to hide her abilities the White Hand found out about her eventually. This was when reports of a young girl with special abilities reached the Cabal and this case was opened. While the Cabal didn’t have any specifics they got slowly closer and closer.
The White Hand, now aware of her abilities tried to get her to fight for them, fighting a rival gang. When she refused they tried to use her brother as leverage but she managed to free him and together they fled once again onto the streets. They were hunted through the city and it became clear that they would catch them eventually.

Entering the Cabal

June 15th 1924
During the last weeks more and more information reached Dean regarding the young girl he was looking for. He received a tip where the siblings were currently hiding and headed to the location with a team from the Cabal. But they weren’t the only one on the scene. The White Hand had already arrived and had Alisha and Sam cornered. A fight broke out, but the team from the Cabal was superior to the thugs. When they almost reached the children a hooded figure attacked the team from behind. He neutralized half of the team and was keeping Dean in check. During this confusion Sam and Alisha got separated. Dean fought fiercely and his team managed to extract Alisha, but they were unable to reach Sam in time. One of the thugs grabbed him and took him away.

Since then Alisha is living with the Cabal. Focusing on learning everything she can, she studied with the other children in the cabal. In 1929, at the age of 18 she started working with Dean, absorbing everything he could teach her. She gained solid experience in the field and after 2 ½ years she was assigned to work with Jake Spencer, who is an investigator working on ‘special’ cases.

Alisha Payton

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