Secret War 1930

The Case of the Hurriedly Written Write Up

We met up and discussed what to do re: the docks. We talked about involving Mazza and the Cabal. We agreed to try both.
Alice spoke to John on the phone. He mentioned a “Pot of all Knowledge” and that he was being followed constantly. He had to run off, it sounded like his pursuers had found him.
We met with Mazza near the docks and explained magic etc. to him. He was ok with the knowledge and agreed to help.
The building Alisha was due to go to was a large dockside warehouse. A quick recce showed a car parked out front and a boat out the back. Turret type camera things were spaced around the outside. We split up, Alisha going in the front and everyone else in the back.
We fought a number of guys in masks. Mazza was injured and killed Jacob, who had been brainwashed. Alishas brother was one of the masked men. Jacob’s wife was rescued from a tank of water.
Mazza “cleaned up” and we did some follow on investigations indicating the warehouse and car were rented, as was a seaplane the captives had been taken on. Additionally, there was evidence the group of masked men had been “collecting” wizards/magical people.
In the following days:
Alice and Pearl both got normal work.
A gang of Chinese cultists/gang members turned up looking for Pearl as did an old professor of hers, William Brown who she assumed dead after an incident in China involving the same Chinese gang. The gang are trying to use Pearl in a ritual to resurrect Bei Zout Zhao, call themselves the cursed guardians.
Alice is looking after her mother. John turns up with the missing stuff. We provide him with money to disappear. The items he has (including the file) indicate the ritual needed to create the pot of all knowledge, plus its limitations.
Jake was visited by his nemesis from the white hand and invited to a club opening in a weeks time.
The Chinese gang are planning on taking Pearl so we decided to set a trap for them in the warehouse to avoid having to be on a constant state of alert.



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