Secret War 1930

One Man's Dead Body Is Another Man's Pet Zombie.

Zombie p2
Dear Diary,

I am truly exhausted. It seems that no matter how long I bathe for that smell of sewage water and decayed flesh lingers and lingers.

My affliction appeared again this evening, but this time I tried to make use of it … not with a great success might I add. I’ve found that in my stone form I’m about as elegant and nimble as an elephant walking across a wooden beam.

Gosh, if my father or mother were to find out, I don’t know what would happen to me … to them.

Anyway back to the Zombies, or more importantly the many dead Zombies and dead Necromancer. Oh wait, I’d not actually gotten that far.

Darn it, I wish this awful smell would clear.

I’ll be brief; there were Zombies who were being controlled by a Necromancer and Jake, Peal and Alisha did quite a number on them; chopped them to bits, turned them to ash, shot them several times … even if it did mean I got covered in viscera (no wonder I can’t get this smell out of my nose). Alisha looted a talisman and grimoire. She advised in her usual straight talking way that she would take it to Dean and her covern, wait no cabal. For my sake I hope she doesn’t read this.

There was also an ID card found that belonged to one Dr Carlos Sandoval (M.D) and a few other items of little importance.

We headed back to the office after the Zombie incident, as much to my relief we were not able to follow any of the spattering of viscera. Jake outlined the plan of action for tomorrow.

  • Jake said something about heading to the police station and meeting with some of his usual contacts.
  • Pearl said she would do some of her usual research gathering.
    I hope she’s going to be ok; she looked a little green around the gills in the office.
  • Alisha will do what she does best … well besides turning things into ashes of course … and focus on researching the grimoire and talisman.
  • I would get the photos I’d taken developed, head to the hospital where Dr Sandoval worked and then meet back up with everyone at 6pm.
  • Over the weekend I will be concentrating on taking care of mother. Rose can’t work the weekends and mother really needs someone to be there for her. I wish I could be of more use to everyone. Maybe when I can control this ability better or learn how to use those claws better.

The sun is about to rise. I should go get some rest.

00067017Dear Diary,

These last few days have been interesting enough.

I had a quick visit from Alisha who gave me a few more lessons on meditation. So far I’ve still not mastered changing form at will. I discovered that Carl aka Dr Carlos Sandoval was off shift and wasn’t due back in until Sunday. The guy I spoke to seemed to give the impression that the good old doc liked to keep himself to himself but he would go for a social drink once in a while. You know ‘a real nice guy’. Yeah, right, the type of nice guy that brings the dead back to life to eat your face off. I of course left that last part out of the conversation.

Based on what I was told today the following also happened Friday or at least most of it anyway. It gets hard to remember, especially with all of this new found madness blurring things into one.

  • Alisha had gone to liaise with Dean to go over the grimoire and talisman. She explained that the book had been written in Latin but had from what she could tell a similar format to most of the ritual books she had seen in other languages. Dean wasn’t able to help further and unfortunately for us Duo and Charles Chris are still away and there is no knowing when they will be back. For some super powerful cabal you would think they would have better ways to communicate or maybe they don’t even trust their own. Maria (the one that always sounds like some crazy fortune teller) was in one of her long slumbers and was not to be disturbed.
    The talisman was made of smooth stone that glowed but Dean had no idea what it was or what it could be used for as the craft of making such items has been lost over time. Alisha said it was likely passed on generation to generation. I guess that means it could have been lost or stolen too.
  • Jake hadn’t found any major leads from his cop buddies but then again it wasn’t like he could go ‘Hey pal, so I was fighting of a hoard of zombies and I wanted to check where the source of cadavers came from’ … I think his cop buddies would have confiscated his hip flasks and thrown him in a cell for a night. Anyway, back to what I was trying to say, no leads … people die all the time and especially this time of the year; there are homeless everywhere and with all the gang activity …
  • On the way out Jake said he called by the coroner’s office … more dead ends (no pun intended).
  • Jake did manage to sweet talk the docs telephone number and address from some ‘broad’ at the phone company … and they say it is women who do this kind of thing! I guess it clearly goes to show that men and women are more alike than some would like to admit. Plus clearly this woman has never MET Jake Spencer, PI … sweet talker, fairly handsome with a tendency to be all thumbs and somewhat of a buffoon. He does have lovely eyes though, the type you could get lost in. The type I would have got lost in after I ‘gracefully’ bowled him over in the sewers had it not been for those Zombies wanting to make lunch of us! Anyway, it’s a good job he has Pearl to keep him in line.


Well over the weekend I took good care of Mother. She’s not getting any better but at least I was there for her when she needed me.

Poor Pearl, had taken a day or so off work to recover from whatever she caught down in the sewers. She was back to work Saturday though although from what I hear still not fully recovered and incredibly grumpy. Alisha made some quip about Jake being on the receiving end of a withering look … apparently Pearl emptied one of the hip flasks in the office to use as a water canteen much to Jake’s dismay. The look of death put him in his place before he could utter a word … remind me not to cross Pearl … or Alisha for that matter …

Anyway, those three went to the docs 4th floor residential apartment over on Central Park. A quiet place if you ignore the sound of children. It was one of those apartment blocks filled with nice paintings and furnishings … then again those types always are.

They entered the docs place; well no one answered and they did have his keys. As they described the apartment to me it sounded like a show home; clean, crisp and barely lived in. Which would make sense for a doctor and even more sense for a doc who spends his free time bringing the dead back to life … when would he have the time to make a mess?!

After an hour (or there about) searching they came back with an address book that had a few family members listed and two other gentlemen that one would assume are likely doctors too or close friends.

They told the guard some baloney about the doc being ill … and he just accepted it no questions asked. Makes me wonder if all of these security guards are getting paid for just looking the part these days … I mean the ones at Frakes are nice enough, but they didn’t exactly stop me from getting onto the roof like they were meant to.

Where was I? Oh, it turns out one of the names is listed in the phone book. Jake said he’ll look to stake the place out with Pearl over the next couple of days.

I hear mother calling. I’ll be back with another update in a few days. I have a felling things may pick up speed now we finally have a lead.

Dear Diary,

It’s been around 2 weeks and I was wrong, the case didn’t pick up speed, in fact quite the opposite, it all but died and unlike Zombies it didn’t come back to life in any way, shape or form.

The guy in the address book was another doc that worked with our creepy doc and just rehashed what everyone else had said about him … ‘the docs a nice guy, keeps himself to himself …’ Well that was 10 days well spent!

Pearl and Jake checked out the docs locker, oh look spare clothes and other items you would expect a doc to have in his personal locker. Clearly he was to clever to have photographs of him bear hugging his pet zombies … what a pity.

The only thing that this dead case brought for me was time to practice my meditation techniques. To date I seem to only change form when I’m under duress – there has to be a way for me to control it though. It’s frustrating. I wish I could control it better but Alisha says it may take time and that these meditations will help. The only thing that I’m confused with now … well in the beginning I was scared petrified of what was happening to me, but now I know there are other things out there, powerful things and I wonder if I want to be cured at all?

What would my parents think though?
What happens if I can’t control it?
What happens if I’m cured and I need protection from something?

I just don’t know what to think at the moment but at least Pearl and Alisha are doing what they can to help me.



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