Secret War 1930

A Bad Plan Is Better Than No Plan

Alisha: “Hey Dean, it’s me Alisha. Sorry for not checking in earlier! How is everything?”

Dean: “Alisha! Where have you been? Chris is furious that you didn’t obey his order to stay put. He’ll probably ground you for months.”

Alisha: “Tell him I’m sorry, but after everything that happened I think we HAVE to act. By now I’m convinced that this has something to do with my brother.”

Dean: “How come?”

Alisha: “Let me sum up what happened the past two days.”
Before I left I picked up the ransom note. After I arrived at Jake’s office and told the team what has happened, Pearl and I headed to the Library in the hope that we can find an address to that number. And we did. The number belonged to a public phone on the West side of Central Park.
Back at the office Jake and Alice informed us that they had a visit from Juliano Sabatelli, son of Marcello Sabatelli. That’s the one that Jake has beaten up and why he got kicked out of the force.

Dean: “Oh man, I hope they are alright?!? Jake is probably not in a position to put up much resistance at the moment.”

Alisha: “They are both fine, Thank God. Juliano turned up with two Gorillas, making a big show and all. I think he just wanted to demonstrate that Jake can’t touch him now that he lost a lot of support from his police buddies. He even invited him to the opening of his new club “The Blue Oyster”. Thanks to Alice quick thinking we have invitations for four but we’re not quite sure yet what to do with them. Anyways, it’s still over a week until the opening and we have other things to worry about right now.”

Dean: “Yeah, let’s discuss this later. I don’t like the sound of that. For now you’re right we should be focusing on getting our people back.”

Alisha: _“I also have concerning news regarding John, Alice’s friend who has the file on Anansi. Alice and I went out to look for him and we found out that he’s missing for a few days. We spoke to John’s boss as well. I don’t know but there was something odd about this guy.” _

Dean: “What do you mean?”

Alisha: “I don’t know. He didn’t give us his name and there was someone else in the room. There was some guy in a suit standing in the back. They exchanged glances at one point as if he wanted to say “Don’t worry, I got this under control.”
Later Pearl went to John’s home, as Alice had to head back to the office and take care of Jake. She discovered that John’s stepfather and his brother Paddy were killed. We found out later, that it was the same poison that killed the guy we were imprisoned for. “

Dean: “Wow, I’m sorry. How is Alice doing? And how did they make the connection to them?”

Alisha: “She’s worried about John obviously. We got a call earlier from Rose, the nurse taking care of Alice mum that John called. He will call back this afternoon. So she’s anxious to talk to him. We’re not sure how they found out about his family.”

Dean: “Maybe those people were watching you.”

Alisha: “Not sure, most of the time we were pretty sure we weren’t been followed. Maybe John can shed some light on it.”
So while Pearl was checking out John’s place I headed to the address we got for the phone booth. I checked out the surroundings but couldn’t spot anything. So I called the office to get Jake to ring the number and I would take seat in one of the café’s across the street. Few moments later the phone rang but no one would approach it. After a while my view to the phone was blocked and a moment later there was a note on my table stating “Better luck next time Ms. Payton!” So I went back to the office.
The next day we had an appointment at the museum and we discovered that the day after the break-in 3 guards were found dead. We found out later that they died through the same poison as John’s family and the guy in the prison. The exhibition manager told us, that a ceremonial plate was stolen the first night. It was part of the Ananzi collection. He can’t tell for sure what the purpose of the plate was, but might have been part of a ritual for Tribal members coming of age.

Dean: “Hmm, interesting. But how is this all connected?”

Alisha: “At this point we think that it’s not. I mean, those guys found us through the amulet we found at this Necromancer. So far there is no connection between the two happenings.”

Dean: “Yeah that makes sense. What are you going to do now?”

Alisha: “The inspector investigating the break in at the museum made contact with Jake. He believes that we are innocent and he warned Jake that we are being watched by the police. There’s an internal Affairs guys who would like to see Jake going down. We suspect that he had his fingers in how our case was being handled. He was the one who told us about the poison. And he was right about the police watching us. We noticed a couple of street cops around the office. Always looking away as soon as we spot them! ”

Dean: “Great, that’s the last thing we can use right now.”

Alisha: “I know, but it seems they are not following us only keeping an eye on the office. I finally called the number from the ransom note. They want to meet me at 10pm tonight at 121 Dock Street.”

Dean: “You’re not planning on going there?”

Alisha:“What other choice do I have? This is the only lead we have. We cannot just abandon our Friends!”

Dean: “But remember how little I could do to them? They simply marched in here and there was not a dam thing we could do about it!”

Alisha:“I know, but the only think you could do about it was magical. When I spoke to them they told me specifically to come unarmed! They know what I am and that I cannot come unarmed. So they can’t mean my magic. They are not afraid of magic, but maybe of more physical firepower. Jake convinced Eric, the cop I spoke about earlier, to help us in this case. We believe that we can trust him, to keep this one quite. He already stretched procedure when he talked to Jake and fed us all that info.
Look, I know it’s a risk and that we are most likely stepping into a trap. But I think that we cannot sit this one out. Who knows what they are doing to them. And Chris doesn’t want to involve other Cabals to not endanger them as well. So what choice do we have other than act on the only lead we have?”

Dean: “Alright, I will talk to Chris. I can’t promise anything. But you promise me to be careful! “

Alisha: “I will. I talk to you as soon as this is over.”



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