“The year is 1932 and times are starting to look better. Yesterday evening, you were on the roof of your office getting some air before getting back to work. Something came from behind you and attacked you with clawed hands. Everything from then was a blur, you awoke in Manhattan General Hospital. The doctor there told you that you had been attacked by something that wasn’t human. He had done all that could be done for your injuries but there were some people he thought you should speak to.

You followed the address, it brought you to an old building. You went up the first flight of stairs to find a long corridor. You walked its faded carpets and stared at the dull brown walls. At the end of the hallway was a brown door with yellow frosted glass with the 2 names printed on it. You knock, and enter…"

Set in the age of pulp, using the Savage Worlds rules system, Secret War is the story of investigators of the supernatural working to keep the existance of older worldly creatures secret from the public at large while helping those who have fallen a foul of them and need help.

Secret War 1930

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